Our process from demo to doorstep

Our process

Try a lightweight wheelchair like no other

Seeing is believing, that’s why we recommend a personal demonstration of Carbon Black. It is only by seeing and trying can the difference between Carbon Black and a conventional lightweight wheelchair be appreciated. Only by trying a car transfer can the ease of lifting a compact carbon fibre monocoque be realised. Only by experiencing easy rolling with minimal effort can the true meaning of energy efficiency be experienced. Only by trying closer access transfers can it be understood that there is a real alternative to the conventional lightweight wheelchair.

Using a wheelchair doesn’t have to mean pushing long distances is hard work. It doesn’t have to mean a sore back from upright backrest posts digging into your skin. It doesn’t have to mean being engulfed by metalwork and unflattering canvas backrests.

By requesting a Carbon Black demo you are opening the door to a no obligation insight into how F1 technology can make life better

1. Get to know Carbon Black

Our brochure lets you explore and price all of the options for your Carbon Black wheelchair.

To download our latest brochure complete the Quick Contact Form first.

2. Arrange a demonstration

We love our customers to experience the product first hand, so should you wish to try a Carbon Black chair contact us to arrange for a demonstration.

We are constantly looking at ways to make demonstrations more convenient, but for now a home visit is only available in the UK. If you want, you are more than welcome to visit us.

Contact us >

3. Ordering and payment

When the order is agreed, a deposit is required. You then have seven days within which to cancel your order should you wish.

After the seven days the order goes to the factory to be hand-made just for you.

When your chair is made we will ask you to settle the balance prior to delivery.

4. Your chair is built

Every Carbon Black chair is hand made by expert engineers at the factory in the UK.

A chair typically takes twelve weeks to build, although this can vary depending on the volume of orders at the time. We will keep you up to date with the progress of your build, so you know when to expect your chair to be completed.

Important information for customers outside of the EU

Carbon Black has been independently tested to ISO7176 and carries a CE mark to confirm it meets the quality and legislative requirements for sale within the EU, which permits us to deliver to any European country. For those living outside of Europe there are several options, the most popular is to collect your chair in person from us in the UK or arrange delivery to another European destination for your collection.

Please contact us to discuss the best options for you.

+44 1667 454 089

5. Delivery

Once your chair is finished and inspected it is ready to be packaged up and couriered to its new home.

There is no additional delivery charge. All our chairs are couriered on an express service to arrive as soon as possible.

6. Owner manual

For users and potential users we make our current User Manual available for download.

Download the Carbon Black Manual >

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