Simple Design, Effortless Performance


Wheelchair to car transfers made easy with Carbon Black

Lightweight wheelchairs should be easy to stow in your car. However, many chairs are not so light and they are an awkward form with sharp metal edges that catch on the car interior and scratch the paintwork. Carbon Black is the only wheelchair that dismantles into light, easily portable components whilst maintaining rigidity. Designed with rounded edges so not to catch on clothing or car interior Carbon Black is arguably the easiest wheelchair to independently transfer. If the chair is being lifted in the car by a friend or family member Carbon Black keeps them free of snagged clothing and difficult lifting.

The mono stem design allows the chair closer access for easier transfers. The carbon fibre won’t scratch your car’s paintwork like metal chairs do.

The ergonomic shape of the monocoque allows easy transit between you and the steering wheel.

The monocoque is so light and compact it can easily be lifted into the car with one hand and placed where you want it. The rounded edges and oil free design won’t tear or stain your seats when stowing.

Easy smooth rolling

The energy efficiency (ease of pushing) of Carbon Black is unparalleled by any lightweight wheelchair.

Carbon Black is engineered with incredible shock absorbing properties for a smooth ride. We don’t use heavy metal shock absorbers as you will find on conventional suspension wheelchairs, carbon fibre does it all just as it does in Formula 1 cars.

Light, in every sense of the word

Carbon Black offers unique features that make night time use easier

LED Lighting System

Carbon Black offers an optional LED system that clearly lights the path ahead for safe and confident night time travel.

  • Very robust against impact damage
  • Uses standard readily available batteries
  • Operated by a touch switch located under the front corner of the seat.

A pleasure to use, whatever the weather

There’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate design

Smart fabrics

We carefully chose the padding and fabric for the backrest to create a comfortable, breathable surface to lean against that doesn’t retain water, so you’ll never be left leaning on a soaked backrest after a downpour.

Clothes guards

Carbon Black offers optional slot-in carbon fibre clothes guards to protect your clothes from rubbing on the tyres.

Most clothes guards get in the way when transferring, they are often bulky and heavy. We have solved these problems by making our guards lift out of the way when not in use, and constructed them from an ultra-lightweight core sandwiched between layers of carbon fibre.

Our guards are very lightweight, very stiff and offer your clothes protection whilst being minimal in appearance and bulk. All our accessories are practical yet minimal ensuring your chair stays a lightweight chair.

Foot angle adjuster

A common problem for wheelchair users is keeping their feet firmly on the footrest, especially when in the wet or wearing low grip shoes and crossing rough ground.

The optional carbon fibre foot angle adjuster solves this problem with a plate built into the footrest that can easily be adjusted while on the move placing feet at any required angle to prevent them slipping.

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