Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication


Simply the ultimate lightweight wheelchair

Our remit when designing Carbon Black was to create the ultimate lightweight wheelchair aimed at the active, independent user to whom style matters as much as practicality. Not only did Carbon Black have to be a very minimal, lightweight wheelchair it had to be very robust, it had to be a workhorse for everyday use. The aesthetic form of Carbon Black is the result of a chair built to make life as a wheelchair user easier. The ease of use principles in the design were then combined with the engineering requirements of carbon fibre. The result is a beautiful monocoque based design that can be built to bespoke measurements and accessorised with a range of unique options.

Monocoque construction

A monocoque design does not have a separate frame - the seat itself is a key part of the structure, creating the strongest, stiffest chair possible, using the least components possible.

Modular design

All the key parts can be quickly and easily detached via quick release, making it easier to transport. It also means you can build a chair to your exact requirements.

Carbon fibre

The miracle material that makes Carbon Black the most energy efficient (easy to push) manual wheelchair on the planet.

To take full advantage of the amazing properties of carbon fibre we use more than any other wheelchair worldwide.


  • An incredible strength to weight ratio: Weighs just 8.5 kg inc wheels and tyres and is so strong that we give you a three year warranty. See our test house video
  • Unparalleled energy efficiency: We believe Carbon Black is the easiest manual wheelchair in the world to push, we will soon be carrying out a scientific study to prove it.
  • Absorbs bumps for a smoother ride: The monocoque has suspension qualities without the weight and loss of pushing performance common with conventional wheelchair suspension.
  • Tactile warming and pleasing to touch: Carbon fibre is a smooth material that won’t hurt your hands, leave black marks around your home or scratch your car.
  • Creates beautiful sculptural shapes: Only by using carbon fibre can the ergonomic load spreading forms seen in Formula 1 be put in a lightweight wheelchair.

Carbon Black is made in the UK by the same engineers who make carbon fibre components for the leading F1 teams


Supportive yet minimal, the backrest is designed not to dominate the appearance of the user when seen from behind.

  • Offers greater support than conventional backrests
  • Height adjustable without tools for on the move comfort
  • Removable via quick release
  • Padded panels are breathable and water resistant

Brakes *

Carbon Black offers a disc braking system that locks the hubs of both wheels simultaneously using one lever.

Carbon Black offers a disc braking system that locks the hubs of both wheels simultaneously using one lever.

The brake lever is seamlessly moulded into the seat edge so it never gets snagged on anything and never traps thumbs when pushing the chair.

By integrating the design into the chair, there are no visible cables, which keeps the lines of the monocoque clean.

* optional


The unique “monostem” has two key benefits:

Allows the chair closer access for easier transfers.

Allows for a very unobtrusive design, showing more you and less wheelchair.


Upgrade from our standard Round Betty Dino wheels to our Ultimate Carbon Fibre Range. Carbon Black wheels have been purpose designed to be the ultimate lightweight wheelchair wheels. Energy efficiency (ease of pushing) is unparalleled by any other wheelchair wheel due to our extensive use of carbon fibre and tyre type.

We offer 26” and 28” wheels made almost entirely from carbon fibre. We know how important weight saving is to the active user, our largest wheel when fitted with a tyre weighs only 1.3kg

We offer a choice of push rim shapes to suit your needs all made from carbon that is warm and tactile to grip and won’t leave black marks on your hands or around your home, nor will they scratch your car.

Wheels are detachable via quick release when removed the titanium axles are oil free so won’t stain your hands, clothes or car seats.

The five spoke design with large sweeping curves and integrally moulded push rims give the wheels stunning stiffness and extraordinary strength.


Unlike conventional wheelchairs, which typically have a tubular metal footrest, we designed our footrest to encourage the most natural resting position possible for your feet.

The design is further enhanced by the optional foot angle adjuster, which keeps your feet safely and comfortably positioned in any conditions.

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Features of Carbon Black are patent pending in the UK, Europe, United States, Canada, Australia. Designs are registered to Carbon Black System Ltd REG DES: EU191613 / DES USD 664489

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