The Chairs

The Chairs

The Signature

Here we have the Aston Martin of wheelchairs.

Powerfull and dark - the carbon fibre is strong and durable, making this chair extremely light and "life Proof".

We use the same material that motorsport and aerospace have been using for years.

The chair comes with our gorgeous 26" full carbon wheels, titanium axles, frogs legs castors, hub lock brakes, LED front lights, clothes guards and our new Tarta standard 4 vertibrae backrest with quick release.

All of this for £9,995.00

The 2017 Red Limited Edition

This is a chair that has been frequently requested by potential customers - so here it is.

A basic chair with the looks of the flagship Signature model.

The chair has the gorgeous 26" full carbon wheels, frogs legs castors, titanium axles, the brand new sleek Tarta standard 4 vertibrae backrest with our quick release feature and new scissor brakes.

All of this for £7850.00

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