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Life with Carbon Black: Michael Cooke

Michael Cooke, owner of CB06, blogs about his latest travels
20 Nov 2014

Michael Cooke, owner of CB06, blogs about his latest travels

A few more words on my drive around Europe. If you have been following me you will know I drove to Nordkapp in June. 

November 5th I drove to Bergerac south west France to my sister’s house alone, 1215 kilometers. From there my brother in law and I drove down through Spain and Portugal to Lisbon and on to Cabo Da Roca, the most westerly point in mainland Europe

From there we drove to Saville in Spain and on down to Tarifa and Punta De Tarifa the most southerly point in Europe. Back to Bergerac and then the drive home alone. The total distance was 5470 kilometers

I had almost given up using a manual chair outdoors. Then I bought a Carbon Black. 28" wheels and big ergonomic push rims gave me the confidences to go abroad again. Driving alone through Europe can have it’s problems but nothing that I couldn’t cope with. 

Will a CB change your life? Possibly, depends on what your life is like.  For me, yes it has changed my life and I hope to get a few more years driving around Europe. Watch this space.

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