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Life with Carbon Black by CB06 owner, Michael Cooke

Life with Carbon Black by CB06 owner, Michael Cooke
20 Aug 2014

I first saw Carbon Black on a television programme and thought it looked really good. It was sometime later that I found out that Andrew had gone into production and I thought about buying one. In December 2013, having made sure I had finance in place I arranged for a demonstration. Andrew came to my home and I had my first view of the real thing. I was sold! We went through all the options and prices and I placed my order. Due to some unforeseen circumstances it wasn’t until the 3rd April 2014 that I took delivery. After a problem with the front forks, Carbon Black has since changed the design and I have been more than happy with my purchase.

I needed a chair I could use outdoors, which meant being able to put it in my car without help. Considering I have a problem picking up a pint glass with one hand, that was quite a challenge. But the CB breaks down in parts light enough for me to do it. I had an ex demo titanium chair for a number of years with tube push rims and was finding it harder to get around outdoors. When I ordered my CB I chose 28 inch wheels and large push rims. What a difference it made. I regularly do two miles around my local park now. Having a chair like CB made to suit your personal needs makes a huge difference. And I am getting out more on my own and have a renewed sense of freedom.

Yes it is a lot of money to pay out for a chair. But you get what you pay for. 

What price do you put on your freedom?

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