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Carbon Black in Norway by CB06 owner, Michael Cooke

Carbon Black in Norway by CB06 owner, Michael Cooke
06 Aug 2014

As I had said earlier I needed a chair I could use outside, so it was a big decision to drive to Norway with my nephew. The plan was to drive to the Arctic Circle but we ended up driving all the way to Nordkapp.

I drive my car in an electric chair and once this was in place it wasn’t coming out again until I got home. The chair batteries were used to run cool boxes and other things. This meant I had to rely on the CB when not in the car and no push handles meant no help.

Over the two weeks we travelled through eight countries and the CB lived up to my expectations. The only trouble I had was at the Nordkapp Visitor Centre. A member of staff suggested going down a long steep slope but omitted to say there was no lift back up. My nephew bet me £20 I couldn’t do it then changed his mind when I was half way up. The only way I could do it was backwards pulling the wheels. This was something I could not have done in my old chair. The 28” wheels and large push rims made a huge difference.

I got a lot of attention and even ended up doing a demo at 11pm in a bar one night well she was young and attractive.

Is it worth the money? Well for me yes, but everyone has their own priorities.

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