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Carbon Black to return to the USA at New York AbilitiesExpo

Carbon Black to return to the USA at New York AbilitiesExpo
09 Apr 2015

Carbon Black to return to the USA at New York AbilitiesExpo

After the success of exhibiting at the Los Angeles AbilitiesExpo earlier this year, the Carbon Black team will be attending the Expo in New York at the start of May (1-3 May 2015). The Carbon Black team will also be offering potential customers the opportunity of having a private one-on-one demonstration of Carbon Black.

This is a unique opportunity to become one of the first people in the USA to own a Carbon Black wheelchair. Seeing really is believing with Carbon Black, so don’t miss your chance to have a private demonstration to try out Carbon Black for yourself and see how life changing Carbon Black can be.

When we visited California earlier in the year, our private demonstrations were fully booked weeks before we arrived in the country, so if you are interested in having a demonstration then please book your place as soon as possible.

Our trip to California generated our first American sales, and the response to Carbon Black was better than we could have ever hoped for. Carey, whose wife Perry is the first American customer of Carbon Black, had the following to say following meeting with us in San Francisco: 

‘I started corresponding with Carbon Black in October '14, before he booked his USA debut of the chair at the LA Expo. I knew of Nairn in Scotland, with fond memories of a visit 35 years ago, and immediately started scheming how to take my wife, a C-5/6 quad, on a surprise tour of Scotland. My goal was to surprise her with a Carbon Black, as I knew she'd never allow herself to consider such a fine chair. This was a wildly extravagant scheme, she has only flown once since her accident 3 years earlier and the costs for the chair & travel were a huge. I sensed Andrew thought I was crazy, as I was attempting to secretly send him her existing chair dimensions to enable him to start the fabrication. After numerous exchanges he very wisely suggested my wife needed to try the chair first and be measured to ensure a proper fit.

Long story short, as the time approached Carbon Black had enough advance interest in the San Francisco area to warrant a stop there on their way to the LA AbilitiesExpo. It was a dream come true, two days before Carbon Black arrived in San Francisco I told my wife of my six months of correspondence with Carbon Black and our appointment for a demo! 

She was VERY impressed as we left! We shook hands, knowing we had a deal in the making. I wired our deposit to Carbon Black that weekend and it arrived in Scotland before Carbon Black got home. We will be proud to have one of the 1st CBs in the USA. The fact that in the end Carbon Black was able to meet us in San Francisco, only 25 miles from our home, was amazing considering I was willing to go to Nairn. All this was based on a simple product description in an innovative product blog that I don't even know how I subscribed to in the first place! Don't miss your chance to try this chair, plan your travel to the upcoming AbilitiesExpo, I promise you'll not regret the effort.’

You can register your interest for a one-on-one demo with Carbon Black in New York.

We will also be attending AbilitiesExpo in Houston later in the summer and will confirm exact dates nearer the time.

The New York AbilitiesExpo takes place at the New Jersey Convention and Expo Centre, 1-3 May 2015. See for more details. 


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