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Carbon Black - As Unique As You Are

Carbon Black - As Unique As You Are
18 May 2015

You are unique and special, so why not choose a bespoke wheelchair that is as individual as you?

Carbon Black is so different to every other wheelchair available on the market in many ways, not least the number of choices available, making your chair unique to you. Every wheelchair user has different needs and requirements, which is why every Carbon Black wheelchair is made bespoke and tailored exactly to each customer’s requirements.

For £7500, you can buy your very own Carbon Black. This will include a fully carbon fibre wheelchair with aluminium wheels; a carbon fibre chair that has been made bespoke for you and tailored to your exact requirements.

Carbon Black comes with a choice of 3 backrest sizes, which are interchangeable and telescopic meaning you can choose exactly the right one for your needs. Supportive yet minimal, the Carbon Black backrest is designed to let your appearance show through and offers greater support than traditional sling designs. It is angle and height adjustable (without the need for tools, so adjustment can easily be done on the move), and the padded panels are breathable and water resistant.

The different backrest options available on Carbon Black

All of our wheelchairs are made in the UK, in our Oxfordshire factory by engineers experienced in working with carbon fibre - they also work with the world’s leading F1 teams. Carbon fibre is the perfect material to use in the manufacturing of a wheelchair – it is lightweight yet very strong, having a high strength to weight ratio. This gives Carbon Black a stiff rigid form that flexes just the right amount. Carbon fibre also looks great and stands out compared to traditional metal framed wheelchairs!

These unique features combine to make Carbon Black a really special and distinctive wheelchair. We have recently opened a new showroom in Bicester, next door to where Carbon Black is manufactured. You can contact the Carbon Black team now to book your private demonstration so you can see for yourself how exceptional Carbon Black really is. 

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