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4 ways to break a Carbon Black purchase into bite-size chunks

Break a Carbon Black purchase into bite-size chunks
01 Aug 2014

4 ways to break a Carbon Black purchase into bite-size chunks (UK customers only)

One of our customers has used four options to generate over £6k worth of help towards his Carbon Black.

This is how you can do it too:

1 - Access To Work

If you work more than 16 hours per week, whether you be a judge, a journalist or a janitor (and are payed for it), then you should be eligible to apply to Access To Work for a grant. Sounds great, right? It's almost that simple - you just need to explain WHY a Carbon Black wheelchair would HELP you to:

Start Working, Stay in Work or Start Your Own Business

How might a Carbon Black wheelchair help?

You must have your own reasons, but we have a list of our Unique Selling Points that we can send you to help with this.

Imagine this pair of scenarios:

You sit in front of a computer for 8 hours a day Carbon Black has optional interchangeable backrest top panels which can be changed, without tools, throughout the day to provide you with optimal comfort depending on what you are doing.

You wheel across a dark, rutted car park in the dark every night on the way home from work Forward illuminating LEDs are available for Carbon Black to shed light on this situation and make your journey safer. Secondly, for those unavoidable bumps, the mono-stem design, coupled with the 'lay-up' of the carbon fibre, provides an uncannily smooth ride.

We feel that one of the major factors, though a 'soft' factor, is the mental advantage of looking great in Carbon Black. Feeling like you are not surrounded by a medical device from 9 til 5 and enjoying the confidence that this brings.

Feel free to contact us for our Unique Selling Point list or more information!

2 - Employer Contribution

Related to Access To Work, though not inextricably. You can appeal to your employer to match Access To Work's contribution towards your wheelchair should they accept that it will be of sufficient benefit to you.

Access To Work have an informative document which outlines the basics of this contribution.

3 - Wheelchair Services

The NHS supplies everyone with a wheelchair, but in England (and perhaps Wales) you can apply for a Wheelchair Services 'voucher' as a contribution towards your Carbon Black wheelchair.

This grant scheme is, again, based on the requirement that Carbon Black is better for you than what Wheelchair Services can offer you as a standard option. We have had some dealings with Wheelchair Services and can cite references should your local Services require it.

To help you with such an application, again we can supply you with a list of the best features that Carbon Black has to offer. Pick the features that will help you the most and include them in your application for a voucher. Contact Us to receive our USP List.

4 - Have a look at a finance option

We've recently worked out a finance package with a UK finance company. If you needed to borrow £3,000, you would end up paying back £70 a month - many people will spend that total on their mobile phone and broadband packages!

For info on finance options, please Contact Us!

Take your pick

Pick as many of these options as you want. We are here to help if you need any additional information or advice about Carbon Black and its benefits. So please Contact Us through our website or give us a phone on 01667454089.

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