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So what is Carbon Fibre?

So what is Carbon Fibre?
11 Sep 2014

'So what is Carbon Fibre?' is a question we are often asked. So here's a quick introduction to carbon fibre, and why we use it in the manufacturing of Carbon Black.

Carbon fibre is basically very thin strands of carbon — even thinner than human hair. The strands can be twisted together then woven together, like cloth. To make carbon fibre take on a permanent shape, it can be laid over a mould, then coated with a stiff resin. The result is a very strong yet very lightweight material.

Little Known Facts about Carbon Fibre:

  1. Carbon fibre is not a new invention. Thomas Edison used carbon fibre elements in his lightbulb experiments in 1879.
  2. Industrial scale production of carbon fibre was achieved at Rolls Royce in the UK in 1963.
  3. Carbon fibre is expensive due to the energy intensive manufacturing process involved in it’s production.
  4. Carbon fibre possesses the same stiffness of steel but is one-third as light.
  5. Carbon fibre is very versatile. It can be woven into fabric for defence purposes or added to a resin and moulded into preformed pieces. It can then be used in specialised high performance products such as F1 cars…or wheelchairs.

Carbon Black is made almost entirely from F1 spec carbon fibre, and made in the same UK facility as F1 car body parts, by the same engineers who make carbon fibre components for the leading F1 teams. F1 teams use carbon fibre in the manufacturing of cars because carbon fibre is very lightweight; very strong; very stiff; and can be easily moulded into different shapes. 

And these are the same reasons Carbon Black is made from carbon fibre: 

  • The high strength to weight ratio of carbon fibre makes it the ideal choice for making Carbon Black - Carbon Black weighs only 8.5kg including wheels.
  • The full carbon fibre form of Carbon Black gives outstanding ease of pushing with integral shock absorbing properties.
  • Carbon fibre is a smooth material that won’t hurt your hands, it won’t leave black marks on your hands or around your home, and it won’t chip your car paint work when transferring. And carbon fibre looks good.
  • Only by using carbon fibre can the ergonomic load spreading forms seen in Formula 1 be put in a lightweight wheelchair.

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