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Similarities and contrasts - Carbon Black and a Formula 1 car

9 Similarities (and two contrasts) between Carbon Black and a Formula 1 car
10 Aug 2014

1. Carbon Fibre - Both Carbon Black and the Formula 1 car share the wonder material that provides them with a stiff, rigid form that flexes just the right amount, saves weight and produces great looking forms.

2. Computer Aided Design (CAD) - This highly accurate modelling method is a staple in engineering and is essential to both Formula 1 teams and Carbon Black. CAD allows Carbon Black engineers to model each and every detail of a design before it is built; making sure that the configuration will work and is structurally sound.

3. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) - Another core tool for both F1 teams and the Carbon Black engineers, FEA has allowed us to simulate the user’s load on Carbon Black in different situations. This has enabled us to design Carbon Black in the strongest configuration whilst maintaining its aesthetics. Formula 1 teams use FEA in the same way to ensure that every component they design is strong enough to perform.

4. Bespoke - Formula 1 cars are updated for every race and customised for each driver. Each F1 driver has their own seat moulded from carbon fibre to ensure low weight and perfect fit. Carbon Black is completely moulded to fit each user. From seat size, to leg length and seat angle to ride height, each chair is unique to each customer.

5. Manufacturer - Carbon Black is made in a UK-based factory alongside carbon fibre components for leading F1 teams, meaning that the same expertise is transferable between the two.

6. Manufacturing Processes - As Carbon Black is made in the same facility as F1 car body parts, the vacuum-bagging techniques used to produce our monocoque, wheels, backrest, forks and clothes guards are the same as those used to produce the high-performance kit used in Formula 1.

7. Form and shape - Formula 1 cars use carbon fibre as the ultimate material to provide them an aerodynamic and high performing vehicle. Not to mention the amazing curves and contours that manufacturers achieve. Carbon Black, too, takes advantage of the extreme elegance that can be built in to highly structural forms using carbon fibre.

8. Suspension - In the world of Formula 1, carbon fibre is used to provide the strength and stiffness for the suspension wishbones. These negate the spongy response you would expect from a road car, ensuring that energy efficiency is at its maximum. We use the strength and stiffness of carbon fibre to provide a smooth ride whilst maintaining excellent energy efficiency.

9. Efficiency - Formula 1 cars couple the stiffness of their carbon composite monocoque with the aerodynamic shapes possible with carbon fibre to produce the ultimate speed machines. Carbon Black uses a solid seat as part of the monocoque to remove the energy loss caused by the flex and sag of standard sling seats. Every time you push your Carbon Black you energy goes directly into forward motion, whereas a sling seat absorbs some of your energy every time you push. Carbon Black also uses larger wheels and higher pressure tyres than standard wheelchairs, making pushing and mounting kerbs so much easier!

(And two Contrasts)

1. Comfort - Whereas Formula 1 cars are notoriously built with championship points in mind, rather than user comfort, Carbon Black has been designed to provide a smooth ride whilst supplying the functionality and looks to match.

2. Cost - Although the price of F1 cars is not widely publicised, it is claimed by some that the cost of a car (without fuel etc.) can exceed £4.7M throughout a season of racing action. This jaw-dropping price tag is made up of many, individually huge, part costs. For example, this infographic from 2012 shows just the main carbon fibre parts for an F1 car coming in at more than £105k, with many of these components being replaced regularly throughout the season. So, for about the price of a rear spoiler, you can have a bespoke, high end, lightweight attitude changer. You can buy a Carbon Black wheelchair.

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