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Carbon Black Lightweight Wheelchair Carbon Fibre

"Forget the conventional, ignore the standard and together we will change perceptions"

Making a positive and lasting first impression is down to you, don’t let an uninspiring wheelchair design ruin it.

Carbon Black has been designed to be very minimal so you are seen before your chair. What of the Carbon Black that is seen is very high end, designed with quality, functionality and aesthetics at its heart.

Your Carbon Black will be custom made just for you by Formula 1 engineers in the UK. A lightweight wheelchair like no other in the World, specifically aimed at active independent users who seek only the best in life.

Our team are expert at fitting you for a bespoke chair that will be easier to push than you have ever experienced. Our carbon pushrims will keep your hands clean, the carbon fibre monocoque won’t scratch your car when you transfer. Arguably the most compact rigid frame lightweight wheelchair on the market it dismantles in seconds into light portable parts, none heavier than 3.5kg.

The ride quality is second to none as the millions of carbon fibre strands absorb the vibration from the road. With four interchangeable backrest options you will always be super comfy and well supported.

Our newly introduced blasted matte finish is very scratch proof and easily maintainable. As a Carbon Black customer you will receive second to none customer service and a three year warranty on all carbon parts.

Join us in the revolution that is changing perceptions of the wheelchair and wheelchair users.

Fully carbon fibre, sleek and robust

Constructed almost entirely from F1 spec carbon fibre to the customers sizing and configuration requirements. The full carbon fibre form gives outstanding ease of pushing with integral shock absorbing properties for smooth, minimal vibration rolling. A stunning design that is a robust and trusted workhorse for the most active user.

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More you less wheelchair

A flattering design that fits around the body and won’t dominate the user’s appearance. Carbon Black is genuinely more you less chair.

Compare a Tilite wheelchair with Carbon Black, notice the backrest on both chairs is the same height yet Carbon Black has minimal aesthetic impact. Due to its structure, the Carbon Black backrest offers greater support with a smaller form. Three sizes of top support are available and all are easily height adjustable.

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Compact and streamlined

Carbon Black is a lightweight wheelchair made almost entirely from carbon fibre with great strength, comfort and performance. The carbon monocoque is built to the customer’s sizing and configuration requirements. It is the monocoque that is at the heart of a chair that can be quickly dismantled into small components and put in the car.

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Three different backrests

Chose from three sizes of backrest top support, each is height adjustable and interchangeable without tools. Our backrests offer outstanding postural support and are fully carbon fibre for lightness, strength and minimal aesthetics. If you use an after market rigid backrest you won't need it with Carbon Black. Our curved, rigid seat is designed to receive your own pressure relief cushion. The integral rigid backrest offers unparalleled posture benefits with comfort.

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Which Carbon Black is right for you?

Carbon Black is available in many configurations each custom built to order. Choose from carbon fibre 26" or 28" wheels or 25" aluminium wheels, robust matte or gleaming gloss finish, hub locking or ultra light carbon scissor brakes. Other options include LED lights, foot angle adjuster, clothes guards, adjustable centre of gravity, ergonomic carbon fibre push rims. Different colours and tyres also available.

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