Carbon Black Lightweight Wheelchair Carbon Fibre

Designed to empower

Your wheelchair defines you to the world, Carbon Black is minimally designed from stunning yet understated carbon fibre so you’re seen before your chair and your own style shines through - after all it is you that’s important. Minimal yet incredibly sophisticated, offering features never before seen in wheelchairs, Carbon Black is designed to out perform other lightweight wheelchairs on every level with aesthetics to turn heads. Easy to push, easy to transfer, easy to live with, all of which means you feel and look great and can move around empowered with confidence.
Six years of development has culminated in a fully carbon fibre chair that is super light and super strong made by Formula 1 composites engineers bespoke just for you. Carbon Black is a lightweight wheelchair like no other in the world, forget the conventional, ignore the standard, accept only the advancement and together we will change perceptions. Andrew Slorance

More than good looks

Our expert Formula 1 composites engineers produce Carbon Black with incredible shock absorbing qualities, what you get is a beautiful smooth ride without the weight, bounce or energy zapping pitfalls of conventional suspension wheelchairs. In fact we would go as far as to say Carbon Black is the most energy efficient every day lightweight wheelchair in the world and it has suspension built in with no extra weight.

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Carbon Black monocoque

Award-winning design

Every component has been re-imagined and re-engineered, creating a lightweight wheelchair made almost entirely from carbon fibre of unbelievable strength, comfort and performance. You won’t find any nuts and bolts or ugly welding holding Carbon Black together, the single piece monocoque is moulded just for you with beautiful clean lines. The carbon fibre monocoque is at the heart of what is arguably the most compact rigid frame manual wheelchair ever made.

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More you less wheelchair

Carbon Black was designed to show more you and less wheelchair. What little you see is a breathtakingly beautiful lightweight chair.

Carbon Black UK ambassador Sophie Morgan seen here in her old Tilite wheelchair and her new Carbon Black.

Made to measure

Every Carbon Black wheelchair is made to order, so you can create a chair that looks, feels and performs exactly how you’d like it.

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One man's vision

Andrew Slorance always dreamt of reinventing the wheelchair. Finally, his 30 years of experience have been distilled into one revolutionary product.

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